Be your own superhero

Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear trainers and jeans. Some wear dresses and heels. Some are old, and some are young. But not every super hero is obvious to the world.

As a young teen, I spent those years having the pictures of actresses who I looked up to as the wallpaper of my phone, the ones I tried admired for their work because that was who I wanted to be when I grew up.

When I became a young adult, I went through a stage of feeling lost. I felt lost because I felt as if I had failed. Failed because I was approaching my mid twenties and I wasn’t anywhere near where I had wanted to be with my life, both career wise and relationship wise. I always went searching for someone to look up to to give me that motivation to do my best. I was looking for a super hero to save me from the villains that were in the form of doubt, anxiety and depression.


Now I am approaching 26, I have been through some things that have truly affected how I perceive people, how I perceive life, and how I perceive myself. I had spent so long in my early twenties searching for SOMEONE to be that hero for me. This came in the form of boyfriends, who eventually became a villain in my life at one point of another.

But I have come to realise, that I don’t need to find a PERSON to be my hero. I am the superhero of my own story.

It sounds pretty stupid when I read it back, but it’s true. And the more I think about it, the more I want to encourage more people to see themselves as the superhero of their own story.

My mother is an inspiration to me for many reasons, of course for being the strong woman who raised me, but she also has fibromyalgia which means she is in pain. A lot. And it pains me to see her hurt so much. But what I don’t think she realises is how much she is her own superhero. She is the one wearing the cape, fighting against her nemesis “fibro” on a daily basis and she hasn’t given up yet.

My Uncle Paul who, while he is not a blood relation to me, had lost his wife my Aunt Patricia roughly 8 years ago is another example of a superhero. My aunt and uncle have three children, two of which were already adults, but his youngest was still in school. He could have fallen apart when he lost my Aunt, but he didn’t. Of course he mourned and felt a huge hole left in his heart and life, but he put on his superhero cape and became the superhero of his family.

Even though life will throw many hurdles at us throughout our lives, the most important thing to remember is that we HAVE THE POWER to be the Superhero of our story. You don’t need to be a damsel in distress, or wait for the masked figure to swoop in and save you… because the truth is, no one is going to. No one is going to make themselves the superhero of your story. So put on your own cape and fight those demons that try to “take over the world”, but instead of “the world” it’s “your world”.

Fight the villains that are trying to take over your world.

Be your own superhero.

You can do it.

Until next time, my wonderful superheroes.

R xoxo