Spider-Man Far From Home review!

How many people cried like an absolute baby when they saw Avengers Endgame? I know I did!

Obviously when Tony died but I even cried when my boy Peter came back from the snap. My boy!! So of course when Spider-Man Far From Home came out I just had to go see it.


So it has been some time since Tony Stark saved the world from Thanos, as the film opens with a tribute to the fallen avengers just minutes in by students at Peters school. Said students also touch on the matter of ‘the Blip’ as they like to call it; so they make reference to how all those who ‘blipped’ are still the same age as they were five years ago. After a few angsty teenage comments on having to retake the entire year again, we see Peter and Ned discuss their summer break with their science class which will take them through Europe.

Peter, still distraught over the death of Stark, is obviously not coping well with Avenger responsibilities as he flees a charity event his Aunt May is running once reporters ask him multiple questions on Tony and the fate of the Avengers. And who can blame him?! He is a 16 year old boy from Queens, all the poor lad wants is to get through school. So this trip across Europe is his perfect chance to have a bit of peace and quiet… and to also declare his love for MJ (of which, Zendaya playts amazingly by the way… but more on that later!)

But, sadly the easy life doesn’t come to those who need it. Peter faces ‘Elementals’ which are threatening to destroy the world, and meets Nick Fury and Quentin Beck aka Mysterio; a man who claims to be from an alternate world and is there to save their world from these monsters

Before I carry on, I got major excited at this concept because of Spider-Man Into the Spiderverse. Is this Marvel’s way of telling us that there COULD be an upcoming spiderverse live action? I mean, Into the Spiderverse was DAMN GOOD! so I would be very happy to have a bunch of spider-people in a movie… just saying

But the more that Peter and the team are battling these Elementals the more Peter is uncertain as to what he wants with his life. He feels obliged to save the world but at the same time he desires the easier life without the responsibility he has been left by Tony. At the start of the movie, Happy gives Peter Tony Starks sunglasses which have EDITH installed, a system which controls a weapons system connected to a satellite that houses drones from Stark Industries. As cute as the moment is, you can understand why Peter feels more pressure to live up to the responsibilities because of what Tony has given him.

Beck (played by Jake Gyllenhaal) turns out to actually be the one in control of the Elementals and is in fact an old employee of Starks, alongside a bunch of other late employees who have a grudge against Stark. But by this point, Peter has given the EDITH glasses to Beck, thinking that Mysterio is the best option for the world. The film finally takes us to London (yippee, home!) where Beck has complete power over the drones and is on a mission to kill Nick Fury, Peter Parker and Peters friends who are aware of Peters identity.

As ever, our boy saves the day and even gets the girl by the end of it! But that’s enough of the plot, now on to the acting, and to my top three actor analysis.

Tom Holland- I adore this man. I want him to be my best friend. As Spider-Man, I could not think of a better person to play him than Tom. Toby McGuire and Andrew Garfield were ok, but Tom Holland is everything I image Spider-Man to be. He has that adorable dorky appearance about him, he is an attractive chap but not so much that you forget he is in fact a nerd at his school (because, of course, nerds in America aren’t ever the popular handsome boys…?) And his portrayal of Peter after Tony Starks death nearly brought a tear to my eye. Peter has lost a father figure, and he is going through grief. And he plays it brilliantly. In regards to his relationships with friends and family, he makes it all come across so natural. You would actually believe that he would be friends with these people and he would speak to his family in the way he does. I cannot flaw his performance in this film. He is truly the friendly neighbourhood spiderman that we need. And I am so excited to see where his next adventure takes him, now that New York is aware that he is Spider-Man!

SPOILER! Mysterio had set up a video to be released after his death, letting slip of Peters identity which was shown in the credits… Marvel and their sneaky extra footage!

Zendaya- As MJ, I wasn’t sure to begin with… mostly because I still have Kirsten Dunst ingrained in my brain as MJ. But the more I see her the more I am pleasantly surprised! Zendaya brings that angsty teenager attitude to the character with her occasional deadpan sarcastic comments (which I find hilarious)

It’s moments like these that remind you that MJ is still a teen, she is going through stuff of here own and is coping with it in the best way she can. And she does it believably too! Her facial expressions for moments such as when Peter asks if she was only watching him because she thought he was Spider-Man, the panic in her eyes is a giveaway that she clearly likes him, but she hides it enough to make it come across as she isn’t interested. And the awkward kiss with MJ and Peter at the end??? SO ADORABLE! It’s exactly how teenagers are when they have their first kiss with someone they really like. The chemistry between Holland and Zendaya is remarkable, both on screen and off screen they have this wonderful chemistry which makes them amazing to watch.

Jake Gyllenhaal- Deep down I knew he was going to be the bad guy. It was so obvious… but at the same time I was praying he wasn’t because I liked his nice guy act so much! He truly seemed to care about Peter and he would have made a wonderful hero HAD HE NOT BEEN SUCH A WHINEY GRUDGE BEARING BABY!

But I guess that’s the character? And to be fair, he played it very well! The moment he revealed himself as the bad guy, I saw a completely different side to Beck and was oddly surprised by the change! Talk about whiplash… but it was a great performance! He kept me wondering what he was going to do next form the moment he revealed his true intentions, even right up to the extra footage where he outed Peter as Spider-Man…. THAT was a shock to me. And whats more, HE MADE HIMSELF STILL LOOK LIKE THE GOOD GUY! He is definitely the person I would hate to be around in real life with him all-too-easy manipulation, so congratulations Gyllenhaal on a great performance! Sneaky devil…

My only bug bear of Gyllenhaal? I feel that his attitude did have too much whiplash… when there was moments he threatened his own team for no reason, I found it hard to relate. Without his team, he wouldn’t be where he is. So for him to turn around and threaten to zap them with the drones, I thought it was somewhat out of character. I get he is determined to kill Nick Fury, but there was no need for him to have that unnecessary evil.

So there is my review of Spider-Man: Far From Home! I give it a solid 4/5 and would recommend anyone who is interested in the Spidey-verse to give it a watch! Let me know in the comments what you thought of it!

Until next time,

R xoxo